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My three beautiful boys, my hubs, Coke, chocolate and caramel combos,  Mexican food, lots and lots of COLOR, sparkles, light, and fun stories, are just a few things I LOVE!  

But that's not really the reason you are visiting this site.  I have an overwhelming love for story-telling through pictures!  Each session I do, I'm reminded of my love for children's books, the love of being a former Elementary school teacher, and how much fun it is to watch as children listen to the story unfold.  

THAT'S what I want to share with you!  The story of YOU, the story of YOUR family,  the story of your kiddo, big or small, the story you can hold in your hands forever!  Be prepared for tons of fun and lots of laughs, because story telling is FUN!  Come on, what are you waiting for?  Let's create YOUR story!